How to create a bookmark icon (favicon) for your website

What is a Favicon?

a favicon is the tiny symbol that resides next to your website URL. The name favicon is taken from two words. Favorite + Icon = Favicon. They show up on the tabs of open windows on your browser and in your favorites or bookmark list. They look like this.


Favicons are useful in identifying your site quickly if many windows on your browser are open or in a list of bookmarks. A unique favicon is a great branding tool sort of like the golden arches of McDonald’s. An icon can make your web site look more professional and provide instant identification once it becomes associated with your site.

If you use the popular WordPress platform your favicon probably looks like this.


If you do not have a favicon.ico image your site will show up with a blank square next to the title.

Create your own Favicon

If you want to create your own Favicon you will need to design a small 16 x 16 pixel image and load it onto your server to overwrite the Favicon. Some websites will display larger favicon sizes but since the majority of websites display the smaller size you want to make sure it looks good at the smallest size.

You can create an image in GIMP or any photo imaging program that allows you to save an image as an “ico” file.  Photoshop doesn’t let you save an image as an ico file unless you have a plugin. A workaround is to save it as favicon.gif or favicon.jpg and then rename it to favicon.ico before you upload it. But the file will be huge! Photoshop does not reduce the image to as small a file size as GIMP does. So you may want to create the image in Photoshop and then upload it into GIMP or to save as an ico file so that it is tiny.

Several online sites such as or Dynamic Drive allow you to create a favicon for free. The hardest part you may find in creating your favicon is keeping the image simple enough to show up at 16 x 16 pixels. If you use GIMP or Photoshop it’s often easier to work with a larger image and then reduce it. Just make sure that you view it at the correct size before you upload it or you may have an unpleasant surprise. That image that looks so great at 45 x 45 pixels looks like a smudge of finger-paint or worse at 16 x 16.

Uploading your Favicon to WordPress

The first thing you have to do is find where your present favicon is located. Each child theme will have its own favicon as well as often being located in the root directory. You can either upload the same file (overwriting the present favicon.ico) into the different locations or change the coding in the Header or header.php file


What to do when your Favicon does not show up

Once your file is uploaded it may not show up right away. There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. Your favicon file is not loaded in the correct location. If you have more than one theme make sure it is in the root of the theme that is active.
  2. Your browser is caching the favicon file. This is a common problem and while you can try clearing your cache it may that the cache is not in your system but cached on the internet for the browser you are using. You may have to wait several days or even longer for it to show up. Try using other browsers such an Internet Explorer and see if it is showing up there. If it does than it may be just a waiting game for other browsers to catch up.
  3. You are not using the correct code for your browser. Not all browsers recognize all code. If you have this line of code:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”” type=”image/x-icon”>

And it doesn’t work; add this second line of code:

<link rel=”icon” href=”” type=”image/x-icon”>

There are a couple of other solutions that may force your browsers to accept the change.

The easiest way is to delete the old favicon.ico and refresh your website. Make sure the favicon does not show. Then load up the new favicon. If it still doesn’t work you can try renaming the favicon.ico to favicon2.ico and change the code to reflect the new change. If it loads it up than change the code back to the favicon.ico and the image back to favicon.ico.

Final Wrap Up

Hopefully changing your favicon will be a simple process and it will show up without pulling out your hair or pushing a fist through your screen. If you are using WordPress you can find more help here.



12 Steps of Writers Anonymous

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick little note. I wrote a fun piece called “The 12 Steps of Writer’s Anonymous” and shared it with a friend at Wheatmark publishing. They actually posted it!

If you like it, would you give it a little push out into cyber space? Maybe it will resonate with a few other writers.




Summer is Over

bath time for Pudge - drying off in his favorite chair

Pudge drying off in his favorite chair after bath.

Well, as you can tell, keeping this blog updated has not been a top priority lately. Not sure why. Maybe it was the summer slump.

I am taking steps to create my copywriting website. One of the things that is suggested to do is to create a “Free Offer” usually a report or something like that. So for the last couple of weeks I have been working on that. What started out to be a report – turned into a small book. Wrote almost 30,000 words in two weeks – imagine that!

Actually a couple of chapters was material I had written for other things so it was probably more like 26,000 words – but that is still very amazing to me. This is the first time I have written a book that is my own writing rather than a collection of other people’s writing. Surprisingly it is much easier to do! I didn’t think it would be – but it was.

The book is about creating a money-making website. Very different of course from being a “spiritual” writer. I still relied on the Holy Spirit to write it – but the subject was not “holy” oriented per-se. It was very fun to write. My sister is editing it for me, line by line. May she be blessed a thousand times! Then it will go in for a professional editing with Wheatmark which is a small publishing company. I will be offering it as a free download (pdf or eBook) from my site for about 90 days and then may charge for it after that. Not sure.

Other than that life seems to be just going along. Can’t say I have made any major breakthroughs with anything. Pudge and Buddy are doing fine. Just gave old Pudge a bath because he likes to go roll around in smelly things. yuck. At least he is very easy to give a bath. He is very patient and sweet and of course loves his treat afterwards!

One of the things that is bugging me about writing blog posts is something silly! I lost the battery charger to my camera. So I can’t take pictures and include them with the posts. Rats. I always liked doing that! I have looked and looked but it is staying hidden! Must get St. Anthony on the job a little more seriously. If you wouldn’t mind mentioning it to him in your prayers I would be grateful – maybe I need a little more prayer clout!

For this post I took a picture with my camera – but I think that is expensive as I don’t have unlimited text. Better find my camera charger or find where to buy a new one!

Well, that is about it for now. The end of this month I am going to a copywriting convention in Florida which will be exciting. At least I hope it will.

Please leave a comment or two to let me know how things are going with you!


Faith in the Market Place: A Dishonest Yes?

Faith in the Market Place - Quote by Byron Katie A dishonest Yes

is a No to Yourself.

Bryon Katie

I’m finally learning that nice people lie. All the time. I used to think I didn’t. I thought I was a very truthful, honest and sincere person. And then I found out. I wasn’t.

I lie a lot. Maybe not as much as I used to. But I still do. I catch myself at it.

Sometimes my “nice lies” are sugar-coated so the sting isn’t quite as painful.

“Do you like this dress?”

“Yeah. It looks good.” (Not on you maybe but the dress looks fine.)

“Do you think I look okay in it?”

Ooops! This one gets tricky. What to say? What to say?

Time to slip slide into a safe answer. “Well, you know, that’s not really a good color for you.”

And why did I feel the necessity to slither like that? I don’t know. But of course that’s not true either. It’s a learned thing.

I’ve been saying nice, safe things for so long I hardly know when I do it anymore.

The truth is I’m tired of looking at clothes and can’t we go do something else?

The truth is you do look good in that outfit but I feel like a fat cow in this place and can’t we go somewhere there aren’t any mirrors?

“Do you mind if I try on one more outfit?”

“Of course not! Take your time.” Oh, Lord get me out of here or I am going to scream.But another truth which “is” true is I want to wait for you. I want you to have a good experience, get the outfit you want. I want you to have a nice time. Because my idea of having a nice time is everyone around me having a nice time. So that’s not such a bad thing I guess.

I guess. Not really sure.

On the other hand, I think my slitherly lying nature is why I have such a love for Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin said all the “straight from the cuff” things I never quite have the backbone to say.

So those kind of lies continue to exist in my life and I’m not really bothered enough to change them. Probably when I get a few more years older I will be like my mom and say totally embarrassing things about people in a totally loud voice and not have a problem with it at all. All those things I was too nice to say will pop out like burned bread in a cheap toaster.

There are other lies though that I need to work on. The lies that I tell myself.

“I’m not good enough” or “Smart Enough.” Buying into the lie that “I’m different than everyone else” in some situations and not “like other people” at other times. The lie that if I do the work – I still won’t succeed as much as someone else. Which is only an excuse to not DO THE WORK and find out!

Giving up before I give things a full chance and lying that there were all sorts of reasons why I didn’t finish other than I just didn’t finish!

Oh well. I don’t know where I’m going with all this. I suppose I should have a reason but I don’t. Maybe it’s because since I’m no longer a nun I don’t feel I have to pretend to myself quite as much about being holy. For instance once person commented on my having a link to Rod Stewart. Like I had put a filthy, disgusting thing on my page and was going to lead everyone down to the hot spots of hell.

Well you know what? I totally love Rod Stewart. I liked him before I went into the monastery. I liked him when I was in the monastery and I like him now. Granted his life style may have its questionable moments but I totally love his singing. Not everything he sings. But a lot.

And truthfully some of the pious sweet stuff that is out there doesn’t attract me half as much! In fact some of it turns my stomach much more than folks like Rod Stewart even comes close!

Hmmm, maybe I am getting to be like my mom more and more – sooner than I realized. How fun!

Faith in the Market Place: Today Well Lived

Rainbow and flowers - with quote - Faith in the Market Place _ Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness . . .Yesterday was my birthday  but the most amazing thing happened on Monday. My sister had a surprise birthday party for me – and during the delicious patio party complete with balloons, hamburgers and delicious salad someone asked me how old I would be the next day.

I said, “57.”

My sister Barb was shocked! She said indignantly, “You will not!”

I said, “Yes, I will. I’ve been 56 all year-long and one more year makes 57.”

“You can’t count!” she said. “I’m one year younger than you and YOU WILL NOT BE 57!”

She was right.

For a whole year I’ve thought of myself as older than I was. Which makes getting a year older not a bad deal at all. I get to be the same age for TWO years. How many folks get that opportunity? We won’t discuss the “I can’t count comment.” In this case that truth didn’t hurt at all!

This morning I was reading a new book called, Yes, I Can. Affirmations for Freelancers by Nick Usborne. It was a nice little eBook and though short I found it very helpful. He had a number of brief essays in the book about how using affirmations can help build your confidence. One fact he mentioned that I found amazing but believable was that for every one negative comment we have going on in our head – we need THREE positive ones to overcome it.

Seems like they should get equal billing – but I can speak from experience that the negative ones do have that kind of clout! Which means if you are having  negative thoughts you really have to work at overcoming them. Three times for every negative. Keep that thought in mind and then find your positive quote for the day and use it. A lot!

By the way – sorry for not being more faithful (once again) with the daily meditations. My friend Barb says “Don’t promise stuff if you are not going to follow through!” Sigh. So maybe I should just say I will try to get these out a couple of times a week and not every single day.

AND my trip home for my mom’s memorial was very nice and was super wonderful to be with my brothers and sisters. They are all very crazy and we had a lot of fun.


Faith in the Market Place: Prayer

Prayer is the raising

of the mind to God

the actual words matter less.

Pope John XXIII

I feel like I am churning my wheels but I think I actually am getting things done it just doesn’t seem like it.  This morning I finished a new formatting of the Rosary book for e Readers. If you have a Kindle, Nook, etc you can download it for $4.99.

Of course I know a lot of you don’t have e Readers but if you want you can even download it as a PDF to read on your computer. 101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary

The book I did for the parish is free! Stories of Faith The eBook that is.

Tomorrow I am going back to Spokane for my Mom’s memorial on Saturday. It will be the first time all of my brothers and sisters (that’s this side of heaven) will be together in I don’t know how many years. Maybe forever. It should be a very special time – in many ways I’m not looking forward to it though – because it’s like the final good-bye to Mom – but God willing she will show up in Spirit! It will be fun to have us all together.

Yesterday I shared my book publishing story with the folks at Author Academy. I guess it went fine. Hard to be a judge of one’s own stuff! It was fun though so that should count for something!

I am for sure hoping that this post will go out automatically like it’s supposed to. It’s a big learning curve!

One more thing. Buddy says I have to tell you that I left him locked inside the garage all yesterday afternoon! Poor Kitty! He actually didn’t seem at all upset when I finally figured out I hadn’t seen him for a while and went to see if just possibly he was in there! He spends most of the afternoon sleeping anyway so guess it was just a new spot to curl up. I even have a couch in my garage – so he may have slept on that. Cats are pretty good at finding a comfortable spot for snoozes.






Faith in the Market Place:

Nice day! I think summer has finally decided to grace Oregon with her presence.

Tomorrow I am going to share my book publishing story with Authors Academy members. That is where I have been taking coaching for the last 7 months. I think it will be fun. If it turns out well I  will share it with you.

If it turns out not so well – I will hide under my bed and not answer any phones or emails until the memory fades. Perhaps I should put some marshmallows and chocolates under there just in case.

Don’t you just love these little penguins? They are so cute! I’d like to keep a couple in my refrigerator.

I’m going to try once again to see if this post will go out automatically in the email. I kind of feel my learning curve has not been achieved with it though. Anyway if it does – and it looks strange – know that it is still a work in progress!

Patricia Proctor – This is a test – sort of

Hi Folks,

The mailing program I use has an option to send out an email directly from my blog. I don’t quite get how to set it all up – so this is a test!

If it looks strange – it’s because I’m still on training wheels with it.

I actually did a real blog post earlier this evening – and you can read the real McCoy  here.

It’s really quite interesting. I have a free e-book to share that I just completed. And a new puzzle program that if you are not subscribed to Catholic Puzzles and already heard about it – hope you will try as well.



P.S. Lets hope I can get this to work it would make sending out posts much easier!




Faith in the Market Place: Have Fun!

People rarely succeed

unless they have fun

in what they are doing.

Dale Carnegie

Do you remember that little kid in an advertisement (I think) who is sitting in the back seat of the car  very bored with the whole thing and asks the folks up in the front seat, “Are we having fun yet?”

Obviously he was feeling that he had been sold a bill of goods on this “fun” thing.

Yesterday I had a lot of fun working on formatting a book into an eBook. Taking 100 plus pages that had been carefully designed in a professional layout program and cutting out all the fancy and making it plain text with a bit of bold for easy reading in a digital device. Then linking 90 chapters (one by one) to  the Table of Contents and then linking the Table of Contents to each chapter. It was a lot of tedious work – but it was also fun! Maybe because I was so excited about actually figuring out how to do it!

Sort of like a kid who will work himself to death building a pond or a tree house but can’t get enough energy to mow the lawn. All a matter of perspective! At any rate I finished the eBook! Oh happy day.

The book was the parish book of faith stories I did for our church’s 125th anniversary. If you have a digital device (any kind) you can download it for FREE at Smashwords. You can read it as a PDF on your computer or on a Kindle, Nook, Apple reader . . . almost any digital reading device you can think of.

Now my next even BIGGER project is reformat the rosary book. I already have it on Amazon Kindle but I did not know how to make the links and things. And the spacing is weird so I’m playing now at that job!

Another PLAY session that I’ve been working on the last week is my puzzles! I hired a programmer to design my own program so that I don’t have to send people off of my site to JigZone to do puzzles. I still love Jigzone but I wanted more control of what I can do with the puzzles. So if you want to try that out (I already sent a notice about this to the folks on my Catholic Puzzle site) you can test the new version with Angel Puzzles.

For now the puzzles are on this site – as I am still working with the programmer for the final version – but it’s definitely getting there. One thing that is different with this puzzle version is that when you complete the puzzle you get an inspirational quote as a reward. So that’s more fun.

Today I can’t seem to get into the “fun” mode. Maybe because whatever I do I feel like it’s not enough! Ever get into that trap? So I just need to regroup and be okay with being okay! Even if that okay is a bit of a struggle. Maybe it’s a bit of  “down” after the “up.” Last night I was so jazzed about everything and now it’s like . . . um . . . not so much. Maybe I’m brain tired.

Anyway – if you know anyone who  might like to read some Catholic Faith stories would you please help me to spread the word? I’m trying to make it as viral as possible.  Stories of Faith





Faith in the Market Place: The Key to Success

wooden bridge over water with quote by Winston Churchill - "The key to success in life is to go from failure to failure in life without losing enthusiasm."The key to success in life

is to go from failure to failure in life

without losing enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

I’m sitting outside on my sister’s patio freezing. The sun was shinning for a bit and I thought (foolishly) that maybe we were going to have a bit of summer. Oh well – guess I can always go inside if it gets too bad. I even put on shorts. That was my first mistake!

Today has been a fun day. I volunteered at our parish to be on the marketing committee for their annual “International Food Fair” event. It won’t be until February of next year but we are setting the wheels in motion for it to be a great event. Last year was the first time and it was widely more popular than anyone had imagined. This year we hope it will be even better.Anyway I met with Kathy (Pastoral Associate) to get some background and a lot of pictures that were taken last year. The pictures are amazing – looks like it WAY TO FUN! I was bad last year and didn’t go – this year I hope to be much more involved.

My first project is to build a web site. That will be my “play” when I get my copywriting work done for the day. Another “play” project I am working on is to put the parish book I did in 2010 on Amazon, Nook and other places as a free e-book download. It is taking a little more work than I thought – because apparently the only way you can make your book “free” on the major book sites is if you upload it on other places for free first. And then I’m not sure if I will be able to do it but hopefully. If  so I will share the Free download link if anyone wants to read it.

Looks like its time to take the boys (my dog and  my sister’s dog) for their walk. They have a lot more energy right now than I do!