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Getting a booth at the Clark County Fair

Posted on Jul 23, 2017 by in Puzzles |

Seth Godin: "If it scares you it might be a good thing to try."

Seth Godin quote: If it scares you it might be a good thing to tryClark County Fair

As I write this not all the pieces are put together for having a booth at the fair – BUT it is looking promising. By tomorrow I should know for sure. In the meantime I am moving ahead as if it is a Go! Last year there were over 280,000 people that attended the fair so it is a very big event for me to be at. I am excited.

clark county fair

Booth Planing

I have never had a booth at the fair before so this is a new experience. I am planning, plotting and figuring out everything that has to be done. The first thing of course is the puzzle books. The pages have been printed and now it’s binding time. I am trying to keep expenses as low as possible so I figure for the first 1000 or so I will punch the pages and bind each one myself. If (God willing) the book seems to have a market I will in time move to getting a bigger and better binding machine. Starting a new business is fun, challenging and often super scary.

Out of the Comfort Zone

In order to be at the county fair I had to give notice to my home care job. They would not give me a week off in the middle of summer on this short notice so it was either forget it or ….. quit. I figure this opportunity is too big to ignore. So once again I am stepping out of the comfort zone. I had planned to move full time into book production at the end of the year – this just pushed my move a bit ahead of schedule.