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Tiger in the Woods

Posted on Jul 17, 2017 by in Daily, Puzzles | 21 comments

tiger image for puzzle

July 17th (today as I write this) I went over the 60 yard line. I am now 61. Amazing. Life unfolds new every day.

Made my first trip to try to sell my book to our local Hallmark. Not sure if it will be a go or not as the manager was not in. Sigh. But I left the book and a sales sheet and will see. One of the sales clerks who was very helpful said that the Fort Vancouver gift shop was looking for local crafts and things and that I should try there. Jon drove me down but unfortunately they are closed on Mondays. So will try again tomorrow.

Been a very nice day. Going out to get some Chinese food for dinner. Yum. Jon baked me a Cinnamon Spice cake so will celebrate with that desert when we come home. The whole house smells delicious.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.


  1. A blessed & very happy birthday to you! Glad to see you posting again once in awhile! 😊

    • Thanks Karen. Had a wonderful birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday and welcome to the over 60 club. I hope you enjoy your Chinese food and your delicious cake ο˜‹οŽ‚ οŽ‰

    • Yes! I am now a bonifide member of the club. The day was perfect, food, cake and presents. Got a new office chair, a dozen red roses and some new clothes. Is life wonderful or what?

  3. Happy Birthday Patricia. this year i became a member of the 70’s club, LOL… You look so young Patricia. The puzzle is very pretty. Wishing you luck with the book, will be great if the gift shop is interested. Enjoy the Chinese food and your delicious spice cake, love Chinese and love spice cake. have a Happy Birthday !

    • Well – it won’t be long till I rush into the 70’s club as well. Amazing how life picks up speed the older we get. Unfortunately we slow down – but – what the heck – life is good.

      Tried a few more places today – no bites but at least I am throwing my hook and line into the water. Will have to do that quite a bit I expect.


    • Thanks Joan! πŸ™‚ Glad to be back.

  5. Happy birthday! Glad you are back. I missed your puzzles. On the 13th I turned 68.

    • Happy birthday late! July birthdays are just the best! So you are a member of the 60’s club as well. We should have a party.

  6. I missed the daily notes and puzzles from you. Happy Birthday and a blessed year ahead!

    • Hi Sieglinde, So great to hear from you. I have yet to make it to Germany again – have you? It’s really the only place in the world I really want to visit again. Jon wants to go to Italy – we hope to do that someday. Maybe I will love that too. I don’t know.

      A blessed year ahead for you and all as well!

  7. Glad to have you back. Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with many more. Good luck on your book sale.

    • Thanks Kathleen, hoping for many more as well!

      I’m thinking the book sales may be a bit slow. But most beginnings are. Probably need the Blessed Mother and a thousand rosaries like the first book. πŸ™‚

  8. Happy Birthday. Hope your day was wonderful.

    • Hi Joan, It was wonderful. Wonderful-licious. As a present to myself I bought a LARGE bag of peanut M&M’s – I figured if you can’t eat em on your birthday – life is just too hard.

      Today I got on the scale and it just laughed and laughed. So rude.

  9. Happy birthday. I’m double sevens.I love saying that.I look forward to your notes.

    • Double Sevens! That does have a nice ring. Yesterday it was 7/17/17 – won’t be seeing that date again.

      Your calling yourself double sevens gives me the inspiration to say – Sixty One it’s time for Fun.

      Or something like that. Just got my mind playing around. So glad you like the notes – I do love writing them.

  10. Happy Birthday! Love and Blessings are being sent your way!

  11. Thanks Betty. For sure I will take all the Love and Blessings I can get. I send a bundle of them back to you! Not sure when your birthday is but blessings for every day.

  12. Happy, happy Birthday!
    You know, I’ve been following your posts for a looong time, and I have to ask – Did you ever think back then that you would now be celebrating and enjoying life with a loving, handsome partner? It blesses me so much when I think about it, because it is such a good example of all the surprises that God has in store for us, sometimes when we least expect it! πŸ™‚
    I also want to tell you about a site that I enjoy, for the “60 and Over” crowd. It’s called “Sixty and Me”, and there is a wealth of information, videos and discussions with comments by literally 1000’s of ladies in this group. I hope you’ll give it a try.
    Well, may God richly bless this new year of your life, Patty.
    Now off to do the cute jungle animals puzzle!
    Roberta Lawrence