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Water Lily Puzzle

Posted on Jul 16, 2017 by in Puzzles | 12 comments

Decided to start sending a daily puzzle.

This time I am not going to limit myself to just Vancouver  as I did in the Exploring Vancouver USA site. Just got to be too confining on days when I couldn’t find a good image to use. I figure the only way I can keep this up is to make it as easy and fun as possible. I have lots and lots of beautiful images that I have purchased earlier for other sites and so will use them. Easy and nice.

I also decided that I would send this blog post out from just my own name domain site, That way if I switch from one thing to another (and you know I will) I won’t have to switch the postings.

I am still pushing ahead with the Word Search Puzzle book. It is getting close but always one more thing to get done. I will share about that sometimes but lots of other things to. Just little bits every day with a puzzle. Just because it is fun and I love being in contact with you more regularly.

And to make this daily even that more simple (which means I will do it) I am only going to send a link to the daily posting. At least I will try that. I know it’s not as easy to open and read but for me it makes the difference between getting it done on busy days or not.

Hope everyone is having a very beautiful summer. I know some parts of the country are getting rain. How weird is that for the middle of July! A bit scary.





  1. Hi,

    Beautiful puzzle. Hope your weekend has been a good one. Henry did not feel well yesterday, tummy issues, he is a little better today. Not giving him dog food, boiled chicken for him and fixed rice, seems to have helped. Also gave him some coked oatmeal. The Vet, my daughter and son -in-law take their German Sheperds to said that is very good when they have upset digestive system. Have a great week Patricia.

    • Hi Cathy.
      Oh Pudge would love that diet. Hope Henry is feeling better. Did you realize you spelled his breakfast as “coked oatmeal?” I am not sure that you should publicize that. I mean you could have someone knocking on your door wanting to do a little room search?

  2. Thank you for doing these puzzles. I enjoy them.

    • Thanks Kathleen – I love doing them. Both creating and playing.

  3. Welcome back again!
    It’s always nice to see something from you, no matter the link or whatever!
    Hope you are having a great summer, too,
    Roberta Lawrence

    • Hi Roberta,

      Oh good – that is nice to hear. I am having a great summer. Very, very wet spring but nice now.

  4. Glad to hear from you again. Sounds like you have been busy.

    • Hi Joan, Well – it sounds like that maybe – but I won’t admit to how many games of solitaire I’ve been playing lately. 🙂

  5. Thanks! I love being a follower of you and things of interest:-))

    • Hi Betty – It is just amazing how long we have been connected. Through this and that – Love staying in touch with you as well.

  6. Hello Patricia – So nice to have mail from you in my in box. The link is perfectly fine with me, very easy.
    My summer is flying by, having a 17 month old granddaughter now makes it that much more fun and enjoyable. First grandchild and I’m loving it. So good to hear from you again Patricia, have a blessed day 🙂

  7. Hi Charlotte. Oh good about the link. Makes it so much easier on my end. 🙂

    How wonderful about your 17 month old granddaughter – the perfect age for becoming a real little girl. I mean babies are wonderful and I love them too – but is fun when you can have a conversation and play with little older kids 🙂